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Hello and Welcome!

Hello, my name is Victoria and welcome to my little corner on the web! Located in Hague, ND, I specialize in modern HS Senior & Family portraiture in the Dakota's. --Creativity -- Over my 7+ years of photography experience, I have learned that my greatest strength is spontaneous creativity. We can plan your session until the cows come home, but I bet my left kidney, that we will create an image that is entirely unplanned. I am inspired first by my clients, and secondly, my surroundings. The moment I see something that sparks an idea, I am lit up and you can bet I will do what I can to make, what I envision in my mind, come to life, that is if you're loving the idea too! --Determination-- I've also learned that determination is another strength; I don't give up too easily and am completely self-taught. I've dedicated years to learning everything I can about business, lighting, various other new skills, educating myself on the industry, pushing myself to make the next session even better than the last - to bring something different to the table for every senior or family I photograph. --Use of Light-- I bring my ability to utilize artificial lighting set-ups and natural light - bending and manipulating it as I need it, giving you the ability to have your session anywhere you choose. --Posing-- I guide you through posing, so that by the time you're done working with me, you won't take a "selfie" or get behind the camera for someone else the same way again. Posing is essential to having you look your best and I am very meticulous about how your body language makes you appear in your photographs. No stiff mannequins for me, thank you! --My Guarantee-- Overall, I guarantee the following: - we will have fun - you will be informed and know what to expect - you get my one-on-one attention and I will be accessible to you - you will LOVE your images or your money back - I will give you my best every step of the process - I will listen - something isn't working/feeling right, tell me I truly believe that I am living my life's purpose through my camera. Photography found me and every client is a part of my life story. I would love to be a part of yours. Take a look around and then call me at 701.336.7720 to get behind my camera and see your beautiful self in a way you've never seen yourself before!

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