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Throwback Thursday | A snapshot of life back in ’89 (or so)

I found this “gem” in my sandwich (missed the “d” in the pic but I was not about to go back and re-do this whole thing) bag of old pictures and it screamed “doodle-worthy” to me.  So, here it is;  a little of what life was like in my kitchen growing up in, what I believe was 1989…maybe 1990, but close enough.  I can’t remember how old I was when I finally took a stand and said “no more perms.”  This might have been the last one.

Back then, one of my favorite things to eat was a bologna and dorito sandwich (with the bologna warmed up in the microwave).  Sooooo terrible for you.  Growing up, I was also known to take frozen fries out of the freezer to snack on.  On top of that, until I was 14, I drank whole milk.  So, no wonder my cholesterol was over 300 in grade school!  Yikes!  Thankfully, my eating habits have improved.  Fortunately, my mother’s taste in beer has improved too.  It was either that or Pabst Blue Ribbon when company came over for card games.

And who puts a deep-freezer in the kitchen?  We had an entire basement that, for the most part, was empty.  Nope – in the kitchen it went.  I guess it was convenient, right?

After all these years, my brother is still a Raiders fan.  I think, back then, we were both WWF Ultimate Warrior fans.  Sad day to hear he passed away not long ago.  I even came to school dressed up as him for some dress-up day – the face paint, anyway.

Oh and what else…..ahhh…the Serenity Prayer:  “God grant me to accept the things I cannot change,  the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”  I actually was trying to figure out what that paper said when I had this image pulled into Photoshop.  I had to pull the original picture out again and nearly needed a magnifying glass, but I recognized the bold, red words.  I loved quotes, poems, and things even then.  I know my mom wouldn’t have written that and I’m pretty sure my sister was already out of the house.  It doesn’t look like her writing either.  At that time in my life, I’m not surprised I would have chosen those words to put on the fridge to see everyday.  And I so wish I still had that rainbow magnet.  It was a dry-erase material and it would so be on my fridge today.  Looks like it would have been from Rainbow Bright or something – with the bold colors.

Anyway, there’s my throwback for ya this Thursday.  One image, a million and one thoughts, flashbacks, and memories.  Although it’s not perfect in technicality, I’m thankful to have it.  It’s a memory of my childhood in that time.  In my kitchen, in the place I called home for 18 years.

Jozlyn came up to my desk while I was working on this and asked “who is that?”  I told her it was me when I was younger.  She then asked:  “what house is that?”  And now I realize that I have never even take a picture of our kids, even in their bedrooms in the house we’re in now.  So many memories it would bring up for them when they look back 25 years from now, just as I did today.

Enjoy your Thursday!


Throwback Thursday to the late '80's



Serenity Prayer


Cain & Cam | ND Child Photographer

The last time I photographed these two shyster’s was back in 2010.  Where have the three years gone?  I don’t know.  What I do know is this – these boys were as easy to work with now, as they were back then.  They are such a hoot!  Cam (the younger and not much smaller one) is a little more of the social “butterfly” than his partner-in-crime, Cain.  Together, they are inseparable. I’m not sure these two boys would know what to do if they ever had a sister!  They are boys who love their toys!  lol!  A sister would sure add a little “sugar” to their little dynamic they have going between the two of them though.  My guess….they would have a little sister broken-in in no time.

Now, before you email/text/call their mama wondering if I’m sharing some insider news that she has yet to share….put the phone down. lol!  Just being hypothetical here.  Just maybe though, a sister would have those boys broken-in in no time!  Every girl needs someone to dress up, right?  hee! hee!

In any case, the K. boys are on the blog today with no pink in this session!  lol!  Seriously cute, look at these two….little heart-breakers, they are.  Until next time cutie-pies……..thanks for being a joy to work with and brightening my day. :)

ND child photographer child portrait session little cowboys portrait

Expressions of Cam.

child on tire swing

The quiet spirit of Cain.

child on tire swing children in wheat field

I got pretty excited when I finished this next set of images.  I love the little cowboy silhouettes, and, of course, I just had to photograph their s%#t kickers!

ND child photographer

Childhood quote

The Umber Bunch | North Dakota Family Photographer

I’ve been meaning to blog this family for a while.  They were actually on my blog schedule for the beginning of this month but I didn’t get around to it until now.  I have a few more sessions to blog and then I am all caught up.  Yay! :)

This family is well worth the words I’m about to type and then some.  If you know this family, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  If not, then that’s too bad.  Those Umber’s are a pillar of strength and I just feel blessed to have been given the chance to get to know them.

Their family session took place just a few weeks after the twins, Alexandria and Amber, had their senior session.  We ventured to one of the same locations, but otherwise, stuck closer to home.  It’s always a fun time when you get a fun bunch like this, all pack in a vehicle, and hit the road.  I imagine road trips with this family consist of a lot of singing along the way.  With four girls  in the bunch (who love torturing their younger brothers), that’s bound to happen and the boys would rather plug their ears, I’m sure.

Sigh….the fun that comes with being a part of a large family.  I’m one of four but we were spread apart, each, by 4 or more years.  I wonder what life would have been like with a closer in age younger sibling or even closer older sibling?  I guess I will just have to continue to wonder.  Unless my mom should decide to adopt at her ripe age of 70. Okay, so that’s not going to happen.  Funny thought to entertain though, if even for 30 seconds. ha!

Anyway, I really enjoyed my time with all of you.  I hope I was able to capture the love you have for one another in a way that causes you to look back on your images 10, 15, or 20 years from now, and remember that day like it was yesterday and feel joy.  I’m forever thankful to have played a role in that.

Blessings to your family, Umber’s.  Always.

family session at farm location

Even if it’s for one portrait, it’s so important for parents to get behind the camera together.  It’s a portrait that I suspect every one of their children will want one day.

Parents tend to think they’re booking a family session for themselves.  Shift the mindset that you’re doing it for your kids, and your kids’ kids, and it changes everything.

family in corn field

There’s always time to goof off when you have a session with me.  If you haven’t seen me do “the running man” move, well, you’re missing out.  I gots the skillz…… lol!

ND family photographer

Love how these next two turned out….one of the first images of the session and one of the last.  The first one they got as a framed 10×20 and the bottom one as a 16×24 canvas.  Gorgeous!!

ND Family photographer

One of the perks of working with me are free (sometimes custom) goodies at certain investment levels.  They got this next image as a mini-storyboard.
I would imagine this quote rings true for a lot of families.  Perfectly imperfect. ;) <3

family storyboard photography product

“Be strong and of a good courage;

be not afraid,

neither be thou dismayed:

for the Lord thy God shall

lead thee

withersoever thou goest.”
- Joshua 1:9


My Life Monday | Finding inner joy

Finding your inner joy…..

A not so easy concept, is it?  In today’s world, it’s easy to get sucked into the to-do lists, the agenda’s, and the things you obligate yourself to.  Yes, the things you obligate yourself to.  No one makes anyone say “yes” to anything.  And “no” has been a word I have been trying really hard saying more often.  Sometimes, that means I’m saying no to our kids.  I could be gone every single day of the week if we did everything they wanted to do, or involved in every activity they are able to join.  I am all for them trying new and different things.  However, when it takes away from their time to relax, unwind, and for us to spend as a family…something has got to give.  We find ourselves rushing here and there, eating poorly, and always having a feeling of anxiousness.

Two weeks ago, I sat down and created my own master schedule for everything.  It includes everything for business, meal plan, kids’ things, family events, and an exercise regimen that will help me as I prepare to start running again, once it finally decides to warm up.  I personally use Google calendar and I can easily print out my schedule for the month and slip it into my client workflow planner.  This way, if something comes up, I can plan accordingly.  Now you can see what I’m up to this week;  what I’m eating, what I’m doing for exercises, appointments, etc..  Not that you cared….lol!  But just wanted to show how google calendar displays at a week at a time.  This, along with another productivity app that I use in my business, Trello, have been huge sanity savers for me and both sync to my phone from my computer.

google calendar


I have not felt more at ease, honestly, than I have the past two weeks.  The meal planning alone has REALLY helped me.  I know what to take out of the freezer in advance, what I’m going to make, and what day I’m going to make it.  Although, I’ve been flexible with this, it’s been easy to be, because I have a list for that week ready to go in case I change my mind (and the meat already un-thawed).  I used some of my own cookbooks, as well as the website www.allrecipes.com, where you can change the serving size and add the items to a shopping list – both features are quite handy.

Also, getting back to exercising has been long overdo.  I created my own hybrid workout from the various home workout videos I have:  Turbo Fire (cardio), Slim in 6 (cardio), Core Results (which is free weights and exercise ball exercises), and Elements Yoga (switch off between stress relieving and flexibility).  I do yoga every other day and rotate the other three.  I’m finding I am liking this than just trying to stick with one thing as I get bored easily.  In a  few weeks, I plan to work my running app into my weekly routine.  I do something six days out of the week.  Either Saturday or Sunday is my rest day.

It took me a whole afternoon to get all of this squared away but I am soooooo glad I did.  I have so much more peace in my days (and in my mind) since I started this.  Interested in creating your own hybrid workout schedule but not sure where to start?  Get in touch, I’ll help you work through it!  I’m not claiming to be an expert, by any means, but it’s important to 1. love what you’re doing 2. create a plan that works with your lifestyle and that you can stick to (i.e. if you know you can’t commit to 60 minutes of exercise, don’t try to commit to 60 minutes of exercise) 3. do both cardio and weight bearing exercises 4. have an accountability partner.  Likewise, if you love the idea of a meal plan but aren’t sure where to begin, again – I can tell you what I did if you’re feeling stuck.  I’ve been trying a lot of new recipes (and new foods) since I started this.  Add the yummy dishes to our fruit and veggie smoothies, and I feel more confident than ever that the kids are getting much better calories than they were when it was more like this:   last-minute, what am I going to make, oh – we have pizza, I’ll just make that…kinda nights.  In fact, we have several pizza’s in the freezer and I haven’t made one in over a week, because of having a meal plan.  I’m kinda hooked.  About two weeks in, it’s about time I start with next month’s meal plan.  After doing this, I’m using my crock pot a lot more.  Before, it sat and collected dust.  Seriously, if there would have been an award for a last-minute meal maker, it would have gone to me.  And usually, it wasn’t always the best things I could be feeding my family.

My well-being has gone up about 10 notches.  If this blog post has inspired you to even tackle one area of your life that currently feels like chaos, than I’m glad to have shared my own experiences.  Need help?  Just email me at victoria [at] vlvphotography [dot] com….seriously.  I know there are more out there that have been feeling the same as me.  You don’t have to go crazy alone. ;)

Enjoy your week, lovelies.

I’ll close with a quote.  This is one of the two quotes on my dry-erase calendar this month:

“To be able to find joy in another’s joy,

that is the secret to happiness.”


My Life Monday on Tuesday | ND State Pee-Wee Wrestling

Hello there, Tuesday…you snuck up on me….as did Monday.  This week has been a bit of a train-wreck for me.  It’s just been a never-ending Monday, it seems.  BUT, this too shall pass and tomorrow is a new day.  AND on Sunday, I saw my first robin.  So, Spring is here and that’s worth rejoicing! Also, yesterday I registered my youngest for kindergarten and a little more than 4 months from now, I will have a quiet cup of coffee….every.single.day..  First, I’m sure I will have a good cry.  It’s sure hard to believe. Not long ago I read this:  “I understand now what they mean when they say the days are long but the years are short.”  Ain’t that the truth! But I am looking forward to the opportunities it will open up for my business.  So, we shall see what the future holds.  I may just hold myself up in my house for a month straight and veg out and watch trashy tv. I think after 8+ years, I deserve at least a month, right? lol! ;)

Anyway, state wrestling for pee-wee’s was in New Salem this past weekend and wowza!  Well, just looking at the gym with all those kids, it makes ya wanna say “where’s waldo, right?” lol!  It was a great experience for the kids.  Jozylyn has really been bugging to wrestle.  She’s been telling us we need to get her shoes, and head gear, and a shirt….I’ve never seen a little girl so excited to wrestle!  She’s definitely already got that fire in her belly! ha!

Well, I hope you enjoy the images and these will be posted on my personal Facebook page as well.  So, if we’re not friends, send me a request so you can tag/download them for yourself.

state pee-wee wrestling in New Salem, ND

I love these pictures of Alexandra.  And thanks to my sis-in-law for getting the awards picture because I would have not had a picture otherwise.  Xavier was wrestling at that time.  They both wrestled at the same time, actually.  Fortunately, they were on adjacent mats.

state pee wee wrestling

pee wee wrestling state wrestling

I’m missing two in this – Kenneth and their coach, Junior.  When one was gone, another went after looking, then the first one missing would come back and the other would be gone. :(  And you can tell, I was needing a V8 on this one – sorry, didn’t correct the crookedness.  I’m kinda feeling like I need to go do that now.  Crooked horizons….don’t like ‘em. :P

It takes guts to do what these kids do and are learning valuable life-lessons in the process.  That’s something to admire….regardless of their age.

I’m so proud of all of them.

Aristotle quote on Courage

Sarah | ND HS Senior location photographer

What I love most about being a ND HS Senior location photographer, is not seeing what I’m going to get ahead of time.  I meet with the seniors, we talk about their goals for their session.  We talk about outfits, and we talk locations.  And usually, where they want to be photographed most, is at or near their home.  And why not?  That’s where they’re most comfortable.  Because we all know, there’s no place like home, right?

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah…..let me count the ways as to how much I adored working with you and your awesomesauce mom, Rosie.

1.  You’re just simply a beautiful person – inside and out and if I could just get 2 inches of your height, I’d be one happy camper.

2.  You were shy at first but quickly became puddy in my hands, taking direction so well, and by the end of the session knowing exactly what I was looking for in a shot.

3.  I would love to raid your closet.  You showed amazing style and personality in your clothing choices.  And the outfits worked perfectly with the locations.

4.  Do you ever have a bad hair day?  Flyaways weren’t  an issue in post-processing of your images, so whatever you used sure did the trick (mind sharing with me?)! Sure made my job easier! :)

5.  Your mom makes me laugh.  And working with the two of you felt more like a girls day out than like “work.”  Even spending time with you both when you came in for your ordering appointment, seemed more like catching up with friends.

6.  You both trusted me and that means a ton to me.  That’s all I gotta say about that.

7.  You appreciate me and I know that.  And my goal is that you (and anyone who does business with me), feels that from me.

I could go on and on, really.  I am just the luckiest photographer around.  Working with clients like yourselves, gives me the motivation each and every day to continue pushing forward.  My life has been blessed having met you, Rosie and your family.  From the moment I met you when you came in for a consultation for Alison’s session (LHS Class of 2013), I was hoping I would get the opportunity to work with you again.  Thank you for choosing me as your family’s photographer. :)

senior girl poses

nd winter senior session 2014-04-02_0002 senior girl with flute and sheet music senior girl in sunflowers ND HS senior photographer ND HS senior photographer senior girl laughing ND HS senior location photographer senior girl on chair on dirt road senior girl what to wear senior girl on cream can senior girl what to wear

My Life Monday | Old Man Winter rears his ugly head

The joys of living in ND.  Many of you reading this, likely see this out your window today.

nd winter weather

A good portion of ND schools were cancelled today, businesses are closed, public transportation shut down, major highways/interstates with no travel advised, etc..  The silver lining?…one more day to savor a good book, drink some hot chocolate, baseball opener (for those that like baseball), take in some trashy reality tv, bake, take a nap, tackle home projects that you’ve been putting off……whatever it is that you do to forget about what is going on outside.  We’ve lived here long enough to know that “old man winter” can rear his ugly head at any time.  And for me, winter isn’t over until I see a robin.  Those birds KNOW when it’s safe to call ND home.  So, take out your parkas, put away the flip-flops, and enjoy the calm that winter can bring to your life.  This too shall pass. ;)

Right now, I’m drinking hot chocolate (with an overflow of marshmallows, of course), while hubby (another perk of crap weather is hubby gets to come home early) and Jozlyn watch (more than likely) ESPN.  The older two are with their grandparents.  My father-in-law picked up my mother-in-law (daughter’s teacher), our kids, and two other kids from school and brought them home but by the time he got to town, he couldn’t see his hand in front of him.  So, they’re safe, and that’s what matters.  I’m sure they’re tickled pink as they get grandma’s cooking. lol!

Backtracking to pre-blizzard time….the kids are their last out-of-town wrestling tourney in Wishek this past Friday.  Xavier took first and Alexandra didn’t place.  They have one more, in Zeeland, next Thursday.  It’s always a great way to end the year, where there is only one match at a time, and just the area schools participate.  There is one big tourney in New Salem next Saturday, but not sure we’ll get to that one.

Saturday, my computer and I were BFF’s.  I worked on design projects, while the family played outside.  That’s the difficult part of having work at your home – it’s very hard to get away from it sometimes.  And, I was on a roll….when I’m on a roll, I KNOW I need to keep at it.  That night, we went and hung out in our camper and played games.  No lie.  We may not get a lot of camping in this summer with hubby’s job, but who says we can’t use it anyway?  lol!  The kids were so excited!  Tony and the kids slept out there and I took the opportunity to have the house (and bed) to myself.  That NEVER happens.  I had asked to have the house to myself for a whole weekend as my Christmas gift and never got it.  So, I got one night, and sometimes you just gotta take what you can get.  I enjoyed several hours of “48 Hours Mystery” on the DVR! lol!  That’s a wild Saturday night, for ya!  Oh vey…that’s when you know you’re old! ha!

Yesterday was a really, really good day.  We went to church and afterwards wen to a soup and sandwich fundraiser.  It was good food, good company, and afterwards, friends of ours gave our kids horse rides and also, Tony and I even rode!  It had been many, many years so I had even been on a horse.  And I KNOW I had never seen Tony on a horse!  It was a fun time!  Once home, I finally cleaned out my pig of a vehicle (if I had a dime for the number of sucker sticks I collected…???!!!!…ugh..no more SUCKERS!!!) and, for the first time this year, grilled out.  I suppose it was the calm before the storm.

riding horse

To close, I want to mention this yoga workout I did this morning.  All I gotta say – $9 at Wal-Mart and totally worth it!!!!!  The video linked isn’t the exact one but it’s the same lady and same workouts, so, it’s likely just an updated version?  I heard the Jillian Michael’s one is a real butt kicker!  For yoga, I didn’t want to start out-of-the-gate sweating my butt off.  I have other programs for that (like TurboFire).  I may eventually get it, once I master the one I currently have.  Have any at-home programs you love?

yoga video

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quote by Henry Ford

My Life Monday | Spring Break Recovery

Anyone else recovering from having your kids home an extra day?  lol!  Actually, it wasn’t so bad.  We had family staying with us for the weekend and I barely saw the kids.  Since some of their cousins live farther away, we don’t see them as often as we used to years past.  And I realized today – I didn’t take one single picture from their visit. :(  It wasn’t the warmest outside either, which was a bummer.

So, I really don’t have anything fabulous to share, other than we watched “This is the End” with Seth Rogen over the weekend.  And that’s probably not too fabulous either. lol!  It’s a different movie, that’s for sure.  I likely wouldn’t watch it again but my husband usually doesn’t want to watch comedies.  Because really, he has a point – how many comedies are out there that really have you laughing through the whole thing or at least a good part of the time?  If you know of one on Netflix, please share!  I’m waiting for “Identity Thief” to come on Netflix.  I love Jason Bateman’s comedies he’s been in in the past.

We recently got hooked on two very different shows;  “Naked and Afraid” on Discovery and “Resurrection” on ABC, both on Sunday nights at 8pm CST.  The  jury is still out on “Resurrection” but we’re giving it a chance.  We decided to set the DVR to that one while we watch “Naked and Afraid” in real time.  If you haven’t seen “Naked and Afraid…” it’s worth watching at least one episode.  It makes you ask yourself some questions.  “Resurrection” is starting to deepen, plot-wise, so it’s getting a little more interesting than how it first started.  We’ll give it a couple more episodes and see.

I know I could not be one to go on “Naked and Afraid” though.  For reasons that include but are not limited to:  1.  I hate being cold  2.  I am the one to get eaten alive by mosquitoes while others around me aren’t bothered but we’re all wearing the same repellent  3.  I would be the one that could never get a fire started  4.  I’m pretty albino and burn rather easily  5.  (and worth repeating) I hate being cold  I commend anyone that can last 21 days in some of the harshest conditions known to man.  And what I like about this show is they truly do give them nothing.  They can bring one personal item and that’s it.  They’re on their own for the rest;  no bottled water, no shelter.  If their lives were to be in danger though and need medical attention, the crew will intervene.  Also, if someone taps out (i.e. quits), they intervene at that time too.

Why the naked aspect?  Well, it adds another element of vulnerability.  Aside from the potential psychological side effect, if you think about it, your clothing is your body’s first line of defense from the elements.  No clothes means your skin is exposed to the elements directly.  Would this happen in these life and death situations?  Maybe.  If you are forced to use your own clothing for fire or as a bandage…it could happen.  But likely has a little to do with ratings as well, despite everything being blurred out.  The title alone possibly gets people to watch at least one episode.  Inquiring minds want to know, right?  It’s just a different show and I like different.  It’s interesting to see how people morph in just the 21 days they are required to survive on their wits alone.  I’d probably turn into this bat-s*&%t crazy lady trying to get a lizard that went under a rock having not eaten for 14 days – like the guy did last night on the episode we watched.

Other than spending the weekend with family, making asparagus for the first time (which I found I really like – see recipe below), attempting to make knoephle soup that is better than my husband’s (according to the kids I get an “A” for effort), and getting to bed far later than usual and still recovering today (really had a hard time getting motivated today)….it was a wonderful weekend. :)  We also celebrated our nieces 2nd birthday a little early and I got to meet a super-cute schnoodle puppy.  Oh my word…so, so cute!  Not as cute as my nieces (and nephews), of course, but this pup has some ninja skills the way it was rolling around.  Again – no video or image for proof.  I sucked in the picture/video department this weekend.  :/

This week we head to one of the kids’ final wrestling tourney’s in Wishek.  I also need to start thinking about my son’s confirmation and making plans for that.  Oy vay!  Congrats to all those who were confirmed this past weekend too.  What a blessing to our church communities!  I still remember the day I was confirmed in the Catholic church like it was yesterday.  I’ll maybe share a little of my own experience when I blog about my own sons’ confirmation.  It was life-changing for me.  Unfortunately, being so young, it won’t mean nearly as much for my son.  All I can do for him is share my own experience and what it meant for me and what, overall, it means for him.  And not just by word, but by action too.

Well, no post is complete without an image.  So here’s a funny for your Monday. :)  I would say that my two nights in a row of buttery popcorn, tomato beer’s, and excessive amounts of German food consumed over the weekend qualifies for this.  Have a wonderful week and thank you for reading. :)

funny diet ecard

P.S. For the asparagus I made: wash and cut a bit of the ends off, lay in 9×13 glass baking dish, slice two garlic cloves and sprinkle over the top, drizzle with 2 tbsp. of olive oil (I added more thinking “this is going to dry out if I don’t,” but it ended up being too much so stick with the instructions), and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  I also added Parmesan cheese.  Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes.  It should be a little crisp as you don’t want it overcooked (i.e. soggy).  This was one I found on Google but there were tons more.  I took the Parmesan idea from a different recipe.  If you know of an asparagus recipe you love, please let me know via email! :)

The Kramer’s | LaMoure, ND Family Photographer

A lot of history with this family;  twenty-nine years to be exact.  That’s a long time to know someone.  In this day-in-age, it’s rare to even keep in touch that long.  Katie, Justin, and myself grew up together from kindergarten on, graduating together in 1997.  How fast the time flies and how wonderful it is to see how we’ve each grown into adulthood – starting our own family trees.

A little Throwback Thursday.

It has been my joy being their family photographer.  Lily was actually the first baby I photographed (that wasn’t my own).  Seriously – despite her little, beautiful face, it pains me to share this.  How far my work has come!  Wowzers!  The left one is an irresistibly cute moment, although, technically could use some help.  The one on the right is…well, something I would never do now, if even asked.  Selective color is a fad.  It’s not timeless, in my opinion.  But, I think it’s a phase that every photographer goes through in the very beginning.  Again, her cute face makes up for my lack of better judgement. ;)


I’ve very much enjoyed watching your family grow, Justin and Katie.  And I am so thankful we’ve kept in touch all these years.  Our 20-year reunion will be here before we know it!  I wanted to share a picture of our babies at our 10-year where they’re all sitting on the picnic table but my external hard drive with all of my personal images bit the dust. :/  Fortunately, they’re backed up online and offsite.  It’s a bit of a pain to get them but, it will be fun to do a re-make of it at our 20-year!  That would be a fun before and after! ha! :)

Sessions with your family always seem like a little bit of a reunion, some catching up, and Jake and Lily are always a fun source of entertainment and laughs.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for trusting in me all these years to capture all the growth and change of your family.

LaMoure ND family photographer ND family photographer ND family photographer ND family photography

“You are the poem I dreamed of writing,

the masterpiece I longed to paint.

You are the shining star I reached for

in my ever hopeful quest

for life fulfilled.

You are my child.

Now with all things

I am blessed.”





Rohrich Trio | ND Family Photographer

I first came to know Becky when I announced a maternity model call.  Due to conflicting schedules, that session never did happen.  However;  weeks later, I contacted Becky with a model call proposal for a newborn lifestyle session in her home.  And so, at Matthew’s newborn lifestyle session, was when I first met Becky, as well has her husband Allan.

About six months later, Becky contacted me to get some updated family portraits, as well as portraits for Christmas cards.  So, this lovely family joined me in my studio for a Short & Sweet session.  Six months is such a fun age – babies start sharing more of their personality, they start reaching new milestones, and are generous with their smiles (and just when you need them most).

Matthew was a pleasure to spend my morning with.  And he was in such a good mood for me too.  I don’t have babies anymore, so anytime I get to be around one, is a treat for me.

All I can think about now, when I look at these, is someday his grown face will see these pictures;  the very start of his own family tree.  He’ll see his mom and dad in their more youthful years.  He’ll compare his features to that of his parents to decide who he looked more alike as a baby.  Isn’t that what we all do?  I have one picture of my mother in her younger years.  Whether it is through working with me, another photographer, or digging out the camera at home – photography is a gift to your legacy.

Allan, Becky, and Matthew – thank you for sharing your time with me in my studio and choosing to provide the gift of photography to Matthew (and yourselves).  It truly is a gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

I bet it’s hard saying “no” to this face!

nd baby photographer

Sooooo cute! ;)

nd studio photographer

all because two people fell in love…

nd family photographer

  “Love is a force more formidable than any other.  

It is invisible - 

it cannot be seen

or measured, yet

it is powerful enough

to transform you in a moment, and offer you

 more joy than any 

material possession could.”

-Barbara De Angelis

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