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Jaydn | LHS 2016 Senior

Another “third” senior in the family session for me.  Kinda gotta pinch myself because how lucky am I to work with such wonderful families time and time again!

Jaydn came after big sister, Miriah (first session I incorporated lights into my work) and big brother, Jared.  Lucky me, I got to photograph all three!

Jaydn is one of those easy-going, happy-go-lucky guys who will just go with the flow.  Our session was no different.  He even got into the session, doing his own pose moves and I don’t think the smile on his face left the entire time.  I think he must go to sleep and wake up smiling.  But hey, we all know what happens when you smile, right?  In case you don’t – the whole world smiles back at you. 😉

So Jaydn, the ray of sunshine that he is, kept me smiling the entire time too – and his mom.  And to make the session just a bit more special, we headed to some property that was owned by Jaydn’s mom side many years back….as you can tell from the home that once was, still standing in all it’s falling apart glory.  We admired the craftsmanship of the wood shakes and I adored the character of the round windows.  There’s just something about abandoned homesteads on the prairie that makes my mind wander.  So many stories – now held by the stars.

There is a bit of magic that happens when you bring together old and “new.”  In this case, a home forgotten with a life just on the verge of really beginning.  Deep thoughts…… 😉

HS senior with dog

You can take the boy away from the farm, but ladies, you can’t take the farm outta the boy!  Just FYI! 😉senior guy with tractor

senior guy portraits

Keep on smiling, Jaydn.  The world needs more of those.  Enjoy the rest of senior year!




Rachal | Linton, ND Senior

I could write Rachal’s blog post much like Anna’s, as Rachal is also the third sister (see her twin sisters’ post here) I’ve photographed in her family.

This session was bitter-sweet because, going into it, I knew Rachal would be the last Umber I’d photograph.  Over the last few years I’ve loved working with and getting to know Rachal’s mom, Julie and the family.

The Umber’s are one tight nest.  I love that.  The support they give each other and the strength they’ve gained during tough times has written on the slates of their kids’ lives…..you can see it.

Rachal is a strong, God-loving soul.  I love how there are youth in this world, and in our communities, who express their love for the Lord.  It’s inspiring – to tell you the truth.

My time with Rachal was inspiring.  I found myself reminiscing on past sessions and felt an overwhelming feeling of gratitude.

I hope you can see her own expression – of what she adores, that which she values in her life, and her fun-loving spirit that makes it impossible for her to wear a serious face – like, ever.

senior girl, bible verse senior girl with vintage bike


senior girl portrait

Love, Love, Love that bike…..and the fun we had with it!

vintage bike and senior girl

Senior portraits on her birthday, so I bring treats! 😉

senior girl birthday cupcake senior girl sports

Rachal, you’ll never know who you inspire, in the most subtle of ways.  Just keep being authentically you and you’ll never go wrong.

Much love to you and your family.  Have a memorable remainder of senior year!


Anna | LHS, ND Senior

Anna…..one of three Vetter girls I’ve photographed over the years.  I’m sure that’s how they’re known on the streets – “the Vetter girls.”  How lucky to have each other and be close enough in age where you can share so much and relate.  My sister and I are nine years apart.  Although, I never let that stop me from tagging along.  I was a persistent little shit and fortunately so because we’re very close now.  lol!  Fortunately for me, she was gracious enough to include me in her life.

Anyway, my point is this – a sister is a blessing….no matter the age and as a photographer who has photographed three in this family (Alison, Sarah, now Anna), I just feel that love they have for each other – that special love only felt between sisters.

Sigh……love….one of God’s greatest blessings. 🙂

Back to Anna and her amazing freaking session.  She brought it and I loved my time with her.  So did my camera! 🙂  Anna and her sisters have more style than I will ever have – seriously could raid all their closets! lol!  And you can’t forget the hair – not sure what’s in their water (or DNA) but whatever it is, Anna (and her sisters) all have amazing hair.

I just gotta brag Anna up because she is the girl next door;  the sweet personality, involved in her school, church, and community.  She has so much going for her and I hope these images depict that quiet soul within her that feels an urge to give so much more in her life.  At least, that’s the vibe I get from her.

2016 senior girl senior girl in church senior girl portraits senior girl outdoor portrait piano senior photo

Go forth in the world, Anna and let your little light shine.

One last I Do | a small town ND wedding

I had sworn off weddings;  shifting my focus to seniors and families when Alexis (Lexi for short and a name we almost chose for our daughter, Alexandra) contacted me about her upcoming wedding the following year.

Fortunately for Lexi – she’s a planner.  She’s also persuasive because I just couldn’t say “no” after meeting with her and her groom (a.k.a. Wendelin) together.

I had actually met Lexi a few years prior at a Mary Kay home party a family member was hosting.  Lexi was the Mary Kay consultant and still is.  So, I was surprised she had remembered me, but of course, glad she had.

We met, clicked and the rest is now their history – part of their personal love story.  I am so thankful to have gotten to experience it with them and make their wedding – my last.

These two are so sweet together.  Wendelin is a shy guy with a big heart that keeps Lexi grounded (I think anyway) and Lexi is the firecracker that keeps him on his toes and yet is attentive and understanding of what is unspoken between them (I’m pretty sure about this).  That’s what I see/saw, especially on the day of their wedding.  They communicate really well and really….the ability to communicate is the foundation of any relationship, friendship or otherwise.  I got a glimpse of that several times throughout the day and it was heart-warming to witness.  Below, are some glimpses of the day they chose…..to love, until they day they die.

bride getting ready wedding bouquet bridal portrait bride and groom wedding party wedding bands party favor koozie walking down the aile wedding vows wedding decor fun wedding moments cupcake smash first dance bride and father groom and mother dances ND wedding photographybride and groom and pooch

My wish for the lovebirds is that they never forget the why of their relationship – from the very beginning in the halls of Linton Public School.  Like a garden, love needs tending on a daily basis.

May your future hold more in store for you two than you can even imagine.  Enjoy the ride!






My Life Monday | Two-week round-up

Where oh where is summer going?  Nearly two weeks into June and I don’t know about you, but I feel as though I really haven’t been able to enjoy it…….yet.

I think about all of the changes going on for me personally and I sigh with relief that I’ve not ended up in the crazy house yet.

I was sent this not long ago from a dear friend and it’s so she and I – made me chuckle.

drowning in own thoughts

That being said, all is well – those I love are healthy, the sun has started to shine and the birds sing songs of happiness.  There is plenty for which to be grateful.

Our youngest graduated kindergarten.  She was officially the shortest to enter kindergarten at Zeeland Public School, taking the place of Joseph Keller, who took the reigns as the shortest kindergartner from Xavier.  lol!  They had such a cute program!

In addition, Xavier, our oldest turned double-digits at the end of May, so it was an exciting May ’round here!  We had to take our usual birthday family selfie, of course!

kindergarten graduation and birthday selfie

Recently, my accountability girlfriends and I, as well as my sis-in-law, completed the Color Splash Fun Dash 5k in Bismarck.  It was a lot of fun!  My first time and I’m sure not my last!  [Sorry photo-bomber, you are officially on the internet]  Not sure what we were laughing at but apparently it was pretty funny – my favorite pic! 🙂

Color Splash Fun Dash

I got my garden in not long ago:  pickling cucumbers, slicing cucumbers, green beans, peas, spinach, romaine and leaf lettuce, a different kind of onion, regular onions, and squash.  So far my green beans and onions are looking great.  I have two squash plants up and peas are catching up.  My cucumbers, on the other hand, are looking pitiful.  Spinach and romain is starting to come up though – which makes me happy as those are the base of my smoothies and I’m hoping to get a lot frozen from the season.

For the first time in a couple years, I’ve gotten some flowers in pots.  I ended up finding these beautiful salmon-colored geraniums and similarly-colored petunias.  Along the steps I got these pretty, little purple flowers – can’t remember what their called but their hardy in full-sun and I love the deep purple color.  I’m thinking I need to hit some auction/rummage sales this summer to find some fun, unique potting options for flowers for next year.  This Fall it’s my goal to get some bulbs planted and transplanted as well.  I’ve only been saying this for three years now.

geraniums and pitunia's

Recently, weeks of planning with a great group of gals, came to a close when it finally came time for Dairy/Ag Day in Linton.  It was also my first time attending.  There was quite a bit more planned for this year and fortunately, we had awesome weather.  It really would have been a bummer to move everthing to the school.  I think it was a great success and I think everyone enjoyed it (at least I hope they did)!  I know my kiddos had fun!  And only my son would choose devil horns.  lol!

Dairy Ag Day Face Painting

I gotta throw in one of my favorite discoveries so far this summer – Leinenkugel’s!  They had me at the orange shandy (which now won’t be coming out until August).  The summer shandy is awesome, as well as the berry shandy (mixing the two is equally delicious)!  I’m hooked, so much so, I’d love to go to Wisconsin and see the brewery!  When I go in, I’m all in! lol!  The Helles Yeah is from their explorer pack.  Delish on a hot, summer day!  It’s 5:00 somewhere, right?


I hope this blog post finds you well and until next time – enjoy the summer weather!  And, to help with the mosquitoes and sun, I purchased this stuff from an Avon distributor while at Dairy Ag Days and it seriously works for both!  Kids didn’t get burned and I didn’t get eaten alive while mowing lawn and watering over the weekend.  I did make a mix with essential oils but haven’t tried it on a bad mosquito night yet to say if it works or not.  When I do, I’ll report the results. 🙂

Avon Skin So Soft Insect repellent with sunscreen

Enjoy your week!





The Other Side of Fear: An Announcement

breathe, trust, let go

[deep sigh……..breathe………]

This blog post has been a few months in the making.  I had been hinting for several months about a personal project I have been working on and as of today, Friday, May 22nd, that personal project is officially live!  Check out my new personal project website: The Guided Heart.

Also, as of today, I am officially announcing that this will be my last year for my photography business.

I have been on quite the emotional roller-coaster ride the past 8 months, which is covered more in depth on The Guided Heart.  This was a long, drawn-out process of self-discovery and wasn’t an easy decision to come to.  However, since making the decision, I’ve felt an incredible amount of relief, not to mention excitement of new things to come.

I had been feeling as if something was missing from my life.  I tried to distract myself – resisting this feeling I had within that drastic change needed to happen.  I had spent several months feeling confused, anxious and started on the pity-party and blame game until I realized, after much self-reflection, that nothing was going to change until I started working on myself from within.

And so, eight months later from when my self-work journey began, and only after just a couple months of realizing a bigger vision for my life, it is with much excitement that I make this announcement official.

I have second-guessed myself a couple times, but when I come back to how I want to feel, what I want to create, where I want to go, and who I want to help…..I feel this is exactly what I need to do in order to see that vision through.

I have a few lofty goals and some pretty simple ones too.  The Guided Heart started from a simple idea that sort of grew a life of its own and fell into place in ways I didn’t expect.  And its purpose has rooted in my heart in a way I can’t turn back or keep one foot stuck in the past.

So, I’m moving on – to the next chapter in my life, with a heart so full of gratitude to all of my clients through the years who have contributed to the growth and sustain of my photography business.

This business too, began with an idea – a certain vision for my life.  And like a caterpillar goes through metamorphosis, I too, am experiencing a change – for a new purpose.

I plan to fill my days with all the things that bring me joy and juice me up – things that make me excited to wake up in the morning.  I am the creator of my days – the master of the minutes that make up my life.

So far, I have added two part-time jobs and one as-needed job in preparation of no longer taking on photography work in 2016.  All of these jobs allow me the flexibility to be with my family, enjoy the days of summer and spend time with friends, as well as pursue my dream of writing and blogging for this new site.  And I don’t believe these job opportunities were circumstance either – they were presented to me at just at the right time.

With the decision to close the business and in-between the various jobs, I plan to devote more time to volunteering at the local nursing home (and get my kids involved too), learning more chords on the acoustic guitar and hopefully starting a book I’ve had on my heart and mind for quite some time.

Self-reflection and growing has juiced up my life in ways I never imagined.  I’ve rediscovered my passion for the written word and discovered things about myself that have re-ignited, or in some instances, even changed my perspective and views of life in general.

So much of what we believe is ingrained in us since childhood;  beliefs about money (there’s never enough, money doesn’t grow on trees) to self-worth (you need to earn love/praise in order to receive it, love is a transaction).  These beliefs can be changed.  But only within ourselves and you do have the power to change those recurring thoughts.  You absolutely do.  I didn’t understand the power our minds posses until I experienced this shift in my own life.

And so, I’m leaving all the fear I have aside – fear of what people may say, what others may think, or what may or may not happen as a result of this decision.  It’s useless worry and serves no one.

What is the worst that can happen?  I help one person?  Seems worth trying to me.

What is the cost of not pursuing what I feel my heart is calling me to do?  A life of regret, lack of fulfillment and the ache in my gut for not listening to my hut (gut & heart) [if I think years down the road].

Fear.  It can rule your life……if you allow it.

Thank you for the years of readership, following of my work and if I’ve had the pleasure of working with you, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for choosing me to capture the loves in your life – for trusting and having faith in what I would provide.

As of December 31st, 2015 this website will no longer be available.  My social media accounts may or may not be deactivated prior to this date as well; I haven’t quite worked out that detail yet.  I also will have gear and such to sell,  however, I will not be selling my current camera and most of my lenses, as I still plan to photograph for personal expression (family/friends/nature).

I will be taking clients up until November 28th, to ensure all loose ends are tied up before the end of the tax year.  So, if you’ve had a session with me previously and there is something custom you want created or ordered, please get in touch prior to this date.  I do have an archive of every session starting in 2009 and am still working out details as to how to handle all of those images.  If you’ve had a session with me and have a concern/question regarding your session images, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Likewise, if you would like to help me “go out with a bang” – get in touch to book your session today as session dates will be limited!

Also, I still plan to have some camera classes this year, maybe even beyond – who knows, as I found I do enjoy teaching them. 🙂

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you choose to visit me over at The Guided Heart.


P.S.  I’ve had this post written for about 10 days.  As I prepared to hit publish today, a flood of emotions overwhelmed me.  Listening to soulful music on Spotify likely hasn’t helped.  lol!  I wish you all a wonderful Memorial weekend.  We will be celebrating our oldest hitting double-digits;  a reminder to fill the minutes of my days with joy, intention and purpose.  They slip away much too fast.

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is continually fearing you will make one.”


Congrats Class of 2015!

Congratulations to all of the graduates who closed a chapter of their lives over the weekend, only to prepare to open another.  I didn’t make it to all of them in the area, but as I watched the Zeeland graduates receive their diplomas, it brought me back to 1997 when I received my own.

When you’re 18 you feel like the world is your oyster, that there’s so much to do, see, explore, and accomplish.  At least, that is the hope, we have as parents, for our children – that they feel those things.

At my graduation, I really didn’t know what I was going to do with my life.  That was a question I continued to ask myself for many years.  When you think you know, life has a funny way of pushing the “X” button of your life, as if to say “WRONG. THAT’S NOT WHAT YOU’RE HERE TO DO.”

I think any high school senior could ask their parents if they’re doing what they envisioned for themselves at 18 and I would bet a large portion would probably say “no.”  And that’s okay.  I sure didn’t plan to have my own business one day and it’s been an extraordinary life experience that has taught me so much.  I didn’t even want children, for the longest time, and I have three.

Scary thought if you’re 18 and just starting down your own life’s path.

What I would say to my uncertain and confused eighteen-year-old self is this:

The only certainty in life is uncertainty of what the future holds.  You only have today and tomorrow is no guarantee.  So, if today were the last day of your life, ask yourself “would I want to do what I’m about to do today?”  Now, that’s not advice to skip out on your obligations to your family, friends, or whomever or whatever you’ve committed yourself to.  It is a question, however, that you can ask yourself to gauge, if what you’re about to do, really makes your heart sing.  

You will get your heart broken.  There is no happiness or joy “out there” that you cannot find within….if you choose to create it.  You are the only one you can count on.  Don’t expect others to act/behave a certain way.  People will disappoint you.  Rather, count on showing up for yourself.  Raise your standards because the difference between people are their standards.  A wise man once said:  “Everyone has a “should” list.  Don’t “should” all over yourself.  Change your shoulds into musts.”  That being said, don’t get too hung up on the end result – it rarely turns out as you expect.  Be open to anything and everything.   

Failure:  it’s a beast.  You will try and fail at many things.  You will try and learn from many things and experiences.  Every opportunity of failure (whether perceived or true), is an opportunity to grow.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Don’t look for validation from others;  you can give that to yourself. Your mind is your greatest asset.  Don’t abuse it and use it wisely.  Be still every once in a while.  All the knowledge you will ever need in this life is right there, within you.  It has been there all along and will be there always.  Trust your “hut (gut and heart)” always.  Listen to your mom and dad.  Like it or not, they will always be wiser and have far more life-experience than you.

Man, if only 30+ year-old wisdom was something we were born with.  Alas, it is not and how we arrive at being wiser is a windy road that is different for all of us.

You truly will learn more about life when you give yourself the opportunity to expand, grow and experience the world around you.  Travel, talk to everyone you meet (my not-so-secret secret:  opportunities lie among connections), don’t settle – know what you want based on what you value, and never-ever-never let anyone tell you something can’t be done.  That may be the story that person feels is true for themselves, but don’t make someone else’s limits your own.  If you try and it truly is impossible, at least you live knowing you tried and probably learned from it – and that’s a win.  Regret:  sticks in the gut like glue.  Let it go.  The world is your oyster, remember.

Zeeland High School Class of 2015

John Meidinger, ZHS Class of 2015, son of Vern & Sue Meidinger.  Quiet guy until you get to know him, loves football & track, family-oriented, loyal friend to many I’m sure;  the laid-back guy that doesn’t take things too seriously.

senior guy football pics senior guy farm session senior guy graffiti ND senior photographer senior guy what to wear senior guy studio portrait

Bradyn Burgad, LHS Class of 2015, son of Shawn & Kelli Burgad.  Stud-muffin (gotta tease), lover of the derby and football, more fashion sense than my husband, and just overall a happy-go-lucky kinda guy.

senior guy outdoor portrait senior guy with his pickup senior boy derby car racing pics senior boy portrait senior boy football scoreboard photo 2014-11-11_0001

Rylan Jacob, LHS Class of 2015.  Son of Rod & Denette Jacob.  Somewhat shy guy, soft spoken with a whole lotta potential.  Lover of the outdoors, football, farming, and if I had to guess – his mom’s cooking.

senior picture of guy with cattle nd senior photographer senior guy football pics senior guy pictures with car

I’ll close with two pieces of wisdom I have written as a reminder in my journal.

“Nothing is more powerful than the force of personal identity –

When a person’s soul transcends the limits of the moment 

to embrace all that they are capable of becoming.”

– Anthony Robbins


“There’s a vitality, a life-force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, 

and because there is only one of you in all of time,

this expression is unique.  And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost.

The world will not have it.

It is not your business to determine how good it is, nor how valuable, nor how it compares with other expressions.

It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open.  

You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work.  

You have to keep yourself open and aware to the urges that motivate you.

Keep the channel open.”

– Martha Graham

My Life Monday | Beauty Insider

I just wanted to share a bit about how I’ve been using Young Living oils for beauty (and otherwise) and what I’ve noticed personally, after using them for over a month now.

Here is an info-graphic example of how the premium kit oils can be used daily.

Young Living Everyday Oils Infographic

I purchased a steel, 20 oz. mug (should be steel or glass, not plastic) and use that for my water with 3 drops of lemon and usually also add tangerine or grapefruit.  I can say that I have not had a craving for coffee like I used to.  Actually, there was one morning where I started with my water, worked out as I normally had, and didn’t realize I didn’t have coffee that day until after 5pm.  Also, I’ve noticed it has delayed my hunger in the morning.  I will still typically eat something but it’s helped to keep me from binge-eating/snacking.  Also, I feel my digestion has improved.  Having been diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) years ago, I feel this has been beneficial.

I also use a drop of Frankincense mixed in with my skin moisturizer.  Since doing this, I’ve noticed my pores aren’t as large around my nose and just the overall tone and texture seems to have improved.  I didn’t start having facial skin issues until after I turned 30 – dark spots, blemishes and noticeable pores, so I’m glad I’ve found something that has been working.  I haven’t tried Melaleuca (tea tree), which is also used for skin care but I also like the scent of Frankincense.

For mood I use Harmony, Citrus Fresh (love diffusing this one) and Peace and Calming.  I could not stand the smell of Joy and had read that the one you can’t stand the smell of is likely the one you need.  In order to get to where you can actually like Joy, Harmony was recommended (for emotional healing).  Harmony is used in the Chakra clearing practice and if that’s all foreign-speak, you’ll have to do your own research and come to your own conclusion.  I know, for some, these oils are kinda woo-woo and where it gets into the feelings and such, I’m sure there will be skeptics.  But, I can say I feel Harmony has been helping me – although, I’ve been doing other things along with it, not just using the oil and waiting for something to happen.

I’ve been using peppermint on my youngest’s growing pains, as well as on her belly for tummy-ache (diluted, of course) and used thieves on my toothbrush with toothpaste too.  Although, thieves is a warm oil, be ready to swish afterwards!  But boy your mouth feels fresh afterwards!  I used it on a canker sore too – but I still prefer a Tums for that.

These are so versatile and that’s why I love using them.  They also make the whole main level of our home smell wonderful!  I love mixing purification with Citrus Fresh!  I usually diffuse lavender at night and although it’s probably the most popular, I find it’s the one I mostly use to diffuse at bedtime.  You can use it on bug bites too, so I’m sure I’ll get more use of it this summer.

Anyway, just wanted to share this week, my experiences after having been using Young Living Oils for a month.  If you’re interested in knowing more or would like a free sample of lemon or lavender (limited number), get in touch!  No need to sign up, but if you do, it is the better deal as you get a diffuser as well.

My other beauty find is my Jamberry Pink Lemonade lacquer.  I must have been in a pretty awesome mood when I bought it because normally I would not spend $15 on a bottle of nail polish, but it really is good stuff.  It goes on nicely and dries quickly.  The Jamberry sticky things aren’t my thing…more old school here! lol!

Jamberry Pink Lemonade Lacquer

Well, I’ll close today with a quote.  Have a wonderful week!

“The ultimate gift from the river of life is its stepping stones of misfortune because it is these misfortunes which help you to build the bridge of experience to cross.”

– Seamus Makim, nephew of the Duchess of York

My Life Monday | Joy in the Mundane…

This will be a short & sweet post.  A rare event for me, I know.  I’m really working on my writing skills, so I’m hoping “diarrhea of the fingertips/mind” gets under control.  I’m actually taking a writing course on the very subject because I know it’s an area of writing I need to improve.

Last week I got my monthly newsletter out and also shared my Mother’s Day Promotion on the blog below some of my own family portraits I shared. This year on the Chamber I’m on the Dairy/Ag Day planning committee and we had our second meeting.  I very much enjoy brainstorming and since I have never actually been to Dairy/Ag Day, I thought this would be a great way to get involved and know what it’s all about.  The week ended with the kids having 4H and then the weekend we went out of town to celebrate our nieces confirmation and first communion.  It was such beautiful weather to celebrate, spend time with family and grill out.

Today, I headed out to get some photos for the Emmons County Record.  I’m enjoying the assignments I am receiving for the paper.  It’s kinda funny that at one time in my life I was considering going into journalism and it’s actually an area of occupation recommended for me based on those occupation tests – what you’d enjoy/be good at type of test.  Funny how things turn out….

I have meatloaf in the oven and I need to add my topping (ketchup, brown sugar and apple cider vinegar) before it’s done, so I’ll close for now.  But, before I do I have to share this video.  Before we left Bismarck Saturday, I took the kids to McDonald’s to see their grandma and eat.  I had been watching Xavier eat his chicken nuggets (by the way, awesome that the happy meals now include yogurt!) and I decided to record him.  He inhales his food like his dad.  So, what I got on video could not have been a better depiction of what my kids are truly like at the table on any given day and really shows their personalities.  Click the link below to watch and I hope you get a good chuckle on this Monday! They sure gave me a moment of joy, in what could be considered, a mundane part of life (mealtime).

A typical meal with my kids.

Portraits of a Mother

These portraits of my mother and with myself, as well as my children are a treasure to me.  This was a spur-of-the-moment idea I had;  my mom just so happened to have her dress with her for some occasion.

My kids dread when I bring out the camera.  But this time was for them – as much as it was for me.  The makeover was for my mom, but, as I mentioned, this session was for my kids, that I know, one day they will appreciate and love having these photographs.

My mom had a blast getting her hair and make-up done.  I know she loved that time with just she and I;  me doing her make-up, hair and tweezing her brows, just as I did when I was a teenager.

I can’t say it enough – how glad I am to have these and to have that day as a memory.  I know my mom won’t be around forever (she’ll be 73 in July), despite her stubbornness (lol!) – and none of us know when it’s our time, but I forever have these portraits.

Maybe this is why my path lead me down the road of photography – to capture my adult life, where my childhood pictures are lacking.  I don’t know…but in this moment, as I look at these, it feels full circle to me.  Maybe it’s a road I needed to travel so that my own children recognize the importance of documenting their own lives, once they are adults.  Because really, memories remain in our minds, but what we have to show for them is in pictures.  Future generations can’t go back and retrieve the memories of others – they need to be documented, or it’s like it never happened.  Hmm…never really thought of it exactly like that before.  All those years of learning, late nights, growing, practicing and practicing some more….gave me these.  So thankful….so, so thankful.

Wrinkles of beauty – showing years of smiles, years of sorrow, hard work, worry, wisdom (your mother truly does know a thing or two), sunny days and the special love a mother has for her children and grandchildren.  If only the lines on a woman’s face could talk.  I wonder what story they would tell?

 before and after over 70 beauty portrait

The one on the left is my favorite, I think! 🙂

mother and grandmother beauty portrait

A grandmother’s love is a different kind of love, I think.  I hope one day I get to experience that as my mom has.

grandmother with grandchildren portrait ND studio photographer

I gave this to my mom as a 20×10 print with an easel, along with a mini-album filled with images from her session.  Sadly, I know one day I’ll get this back.

I just love, love, love this quote.

mother and daughter beauty portrait

Also, I have been meaning to share images from a session I had with my family.  Although it was a bit of a hectic day, as I was make-up artist and hairdresser for my mom and nieces, I love the end results.  The photo credit of myself with my mom and siblings, goes to my brother-in-law.  It was quite a challenge trying to coach family with posing, when I wasn’t behind the camera.  And I had to include some outtakes.  When the photographer is away, the children will play. lol!  I love my crazy family!

mother with children and grandchildren portrait

Sis-in-law with my mini-me on the left and my sister on the right with my other mini-me. 🙂

ND studio photographer

I love these people.  A lot.

ND family photographer

Crazy kids.  Can’t leave ’em alone for two minutes. Ha!

family session outtakes

So, mothers….if you are wanting to capture your own memories like these, I hope to see you in my studio in honor of YOU and the love you give each and every day to the mini-you’s in your life. 😉  I shared this in my newsletter I sent out yesterday but in my haste, I left out a few details.  So, if you saw that promo in the e-news, this one is the correct one.

Mother's Day portrait promotion

Get in touch and let’s give your future generations something to hold on to, and of course, something for you to brag about. 😉

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